My mother used to have Siamese and I adored them,  but always felt something was missing. When I saw my first picture of a Himalayan, I said, "That's it - that's the perfect cat!" and I knew what I'd missed - the fur, the pug face, the grace yet playfulness of the Himmie. And I've never looked back. 

On December 13, 2000, at 11:30 AM my phone rang on my desk at work. The receptionist told me it was Dr. Grossman. The hair stood up on my neck, because I'd had a biopsy the week before and if it was negative, the nurse would have called.   I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and was unable to show for over a year while undergoing surgery, radiation, radioisotope implants, and chemotherapy. It was a horrible time of my life but it was a blessing too. God always knows what He's doing and that cancer changed my life forever. At first I was frozen with fear. But a card in a Hallmark store changed all that - it said, "Courage is fear that has said its prayers." That card hangs in my home to this day and as many of those cards as I could get my hands on went to others who had cancer - some who sat next to me through 7-1/2 hours of chemo at a time. As I recuperated and tried to go for short walks that next Spring, the birds sang me forward. The flowers bloomed just for me. The warm Southern California breeze urged me onward. And people smiled at me as no one had ever done before - it was like they looked into my soul and knew I needed them. My life was so blessed!!  I down-sized significantly when the diagnosis and treatment went on, but was fortunate enough to have a little fellow born at that time whom I named Steinway - my baby grand. He was in his first show at exactly 4 months (at 6 PM the first day of the show!) and became CFA's 21st best kitten that year, missing a national win by just a few points. He lost several hundred points on April 30 when the show season ended, so in my heart I will always think of him as a national winner. He was also in the 30s as an adult but lost his coat in March and fell from the 20s where he was the latter part of the season. In an attempt to make up for what he had failed to do (through no fault of his own), he sired a tortie point girl the next year who DID make a national win. Since he was a grand piano, she was named Spinet - a little piano. Spinet went on the next year to become the mother of another national winner, GC/NW Prancenpaws Classical Jazz. And her two sisters, GC Prancenpaws Rhythm & Blues and GC Prancenpaws A Little Bit Country, became grand champions too. Quite a trio of little girls!  See their pictures in the kitten section and their grand pictures in the Titles & Awards section.

I specialize in cream and flame points, occasionally seal, blue, bluecream and tortie point.  I seldom ship abroad. Anyone who feels they truly want a Prancenpaws kitten has to come pick him/her up!!!   I am located in Surprise, AZ.

It is important for you to know this isn't a business.  It is my passion in life. I am the voice of my kittens. We who breed must find a special home for each kitty . . . a home where they will be loved and cherished for as long as they live and mourned as a family member when they cross the Rainbow Bridge, or we condemn them to a life of horror, indifference, poor health, etc. It is my constant prayer that I do my very best for each kitty.







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